Usually my sessions are at a park or a client’s home but could be almost anywhere.  I prefer natural light and strive to shoot under these conditions.   Therefore, the best time of the day to photograph outside is in the morning or evening hours; however, I’m willing to find a time that’s perfect for all involved.

What you wear should not involve stripes, plaids or strong patterns, as these will take away from the face.  You should plan on wearing solid colors.  If you are the only person any color will do, but if you are in a group everyone should try & coordinate their colors so no one will clash.  Two things you should think of when deciding on what to wear: (1) if anyone wears white then everyone should wear white; otherwise the “white-wearing” person will be the one standing out in the photo and (2) if anyone wears red then everyone should wear red, for the same reason everyone should wear white.  A perfect example of coordinating colors within a group shot is this photo:




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