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  • Little Beauties E & R

  • Sunday I was able to photograph these two and had so much fun doing so!  From their smiles & giggles to the serious looks, they had me laughing.  Their dog got in on the action, too! :)
  • Flag Retirement Ceremony

  • Today my son's Cub Scout Pack retired old, tattered flags.  Each scout had the chance to place a part of the flags in the fire.  I wasn't able to stay for the entire ceremony but I was able to see him partake in the flag retirement.    
  • Halloween

  • Today is Halloween and at my sons' school they have Storybook Character Day in which the children dress up and bring a book about that character.  My sons decided to be SWAT team members.  They were so excited to get to dress up today!  I feel well protected with those two!! :)
  • Inantimate Object

  • I've learned that in order to make a picture all you need is a little creativity and a cooperative subject.  Here, I decided to use my son's toy.  
  • Kristy & Miss K

  • I had the pleasure of photographing one of the sweetest ladies I know.  This is the "before a new haircut" Kristy.  In due time, I'll add "after a new haircut" pictures.  While I was photographing her, I couldn't help but photograph her daughter as well. :-)
  • Camping at Lake Hartwell

  • Over the four-day weekend, we went camping at Lake Hartwell in South Carolina.  It was so crowded but we were able to get a pretty nice site.  My parents met us there and we all had a really good time, even though our oldest crashed on his scooter and got pretty banged up!