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  • Cara

  • This morning I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful girl for her senior photos.  Even though it was a very hot day and we were dripping with sweat, she was smiling and very easy to work with.
  • Girls

  • Being the mother of two boys, it's always a joy to watch & photograph little girls.  They are so different in how they show their "love" for the other girls.  These three are not sisters but the older two took care of the youngest as if she were their sister.    
  • Celebrating Love

  •   Celebrating love doesn't have to be just one day of the year (Valentine's Day).  Today, I am celebrating love and hope you do the same.
  • Crystal

  • Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing author Crystal Klimavicz.  With her first book coming out in just a couple of weeks, headshots were at the top of her to-do list.  The weather finally cooperated with us, despite a few drizzles, and I was able to capture some pictures for her.   [...]
  • Reflection

  • It's been nearly a year since I've had my photography business and I would like to say, "THANK YOU" to all my clients!  It means the world that you let me photograph special memories for you!
  • Dogwoods

  • I love dogwood trees and the beauty the flowers possess!  We have about five small dogwoods in our yard and I am excited to see them finally blooming.  The flowers here I photographed in our backyard. 
  • In Captivity

  • Today I went to the Chattahoochee Nature Center and saw eagles, hawks and vultures.  All in captivity.  What the center does is rehabilitate those birds that have been injured.  They can no longer be released to the wild so they are housed in cages. 
  • Marten Family

  • It was a pleasure photographing this family in downtown Roswell.  It was so cold but they were troopers and even the littlest one made us laugh!